Expect The Best in Canopy Systems.

As a customer of CSC Awnings, you can expect the best in quality and workmanship of your commercial extruded aluminum canopies, standing seams awnings, sunshade systems, insulated metal wall panels, fabric awnings and more.

Our design team is experienced and ready to start your next project today. We offer free estimates and on time delivery and installation. From design to implementation, we work hard to be your first choice. We strive for outstanding customer service.  

There isn’t anything too large or small for our company to handle and often we tackle some of the most difficult design/installation projects others would simply pass up. We’ve worked with some of the best general contractors in the industry, as well as property and business owners, schools and government agencies.

We are fully insured with an excellent safety rating. All our employees participate in a Drug Free Workplace program.

Extruded Aluminum Canopies and other Custom Fabrication

Most everything we do is custom, meaning that your specific project requires direct support each step of our process.
Since nothing is “standard” in our industry, we offer custom specific applications for your projects.

Plan View & 3D Designs

  • Custom CAD drawings prepared by DIY Technical Design Services.
  • Shop drawings from our manufacturers
  • Custom powder coat color options
  • Kynar finishes
  • Engineered drawings by our Structural PE
  • Site visits
  • Construction meetings

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Extended Ladder Technology

At CSC Awnings, Inc. we are proud to say that we are using technology to better serve you.  Each foreman is equipped with an iPhone or iPad to take pictures as projects progress.  These pictures are organized into a “Daily Production Report” so that you can track the progress of each project daily without having to visit the jobsite!

Our cloud-based client portal also allows you to upload relevant project files to keep in one location.